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RT Huhu facial hair is out… Selfie during practice

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Aaron Yan and Tia Li kisses while becoming ‘dry wood to be set on fire’

In ‘Fall in Love With me’, Aaron Yan who has unrequited love for Tia Li, becomes topless in the ‘wild’ and kisses her. To enhance the emotions of the scene, the production crew has even prepared a 2 meters long snake for Aaron to act out ‘hero saves the beauty’. Aaron laughed and said: “First it’s ‘snake coming out from its hole’ (refering to tongue kiss), then it’s trying to get a snake away from us. I’m more scared of cockroaches because they can fly and land on me. But for snakes, I think I’m okay with them as long as I don’t get too close. This is my first time filming intimate scenes in the open wild. It’s pretty special.” For the scenes to be shot beautifully, Tia Li had to hug Aaron while being near to a camp fire. But the two’s temperature kept on burning due to the already-hot weather. It felt like they were in a sauna. Aaron added: “So this is what it is to be called ‘setting dry wood on fire’!”

Source: Next Magazine 20140718

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 ”It was the first time this many people needed me… and the first time they blessed me. And I was grateful to you. You showed up and helped me whenever I was going through hard or difficult times… I was grateful because I thought that was sincere. And I felt relieved that you were the baby’s father. So… I truly wanted to follow you and married you.”

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'If You Love' - Underwater photography bts #3


'If You Love' - Underwater photography bts #3


'If You Love' - Underwater photography 

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fluffy hair + eye contact  (ノ `Д´)ノ

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